The Deluxe Playbill Display Frame

The Deluxe Playbill Display Frame

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*Note: For the item, FRAME Color refers to the mat. The frame itself is a matte black finish.

Frame and display your favorite Playbill magazines at a fraction of the cost of professional framing - and you don't have to remove the cover of the Playbill so that it lays it flat in the frame. The Deluxe Playbill Magazine Frame is specially designed to hold the entire Playbill, while looking as if only the cover itself has been matted and framed. The Deluxe Playbill Frame is custom-made and matted to fit all contemporary-sized Playbills. Mount and display your Playbill collection with ease in these stylish frames. Simply remove the backing from the frame, insert your favorite Playbill behind the glass and mat, replace the backing, and It's ready to hang. Hard, top-grade plastic frame with a matte black finish, measures 9.5" wide by 12.5" tall. The white mat provides high contrast to color Playbill covers. The charcoal will not clash with any color, and really makes black and white Playbill covers pop. The Deluxe Playbill Frame proudly made in the USA. carries more than 200 highly collectible Official Opening Night and Special Event Playbills.

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