The Basic Playbill Binder - Storage for Your Playbill Collection

The Basic Playbill Binder - Storage for Your Playbill Collection

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The Basic Playbill Binder is the economical solution for storing and organizing your Playbill collection. Please note, the Basic Binder is not a three-ring binder like the Ultimate Playbill Binder or the Universal Playbill Binder. Playbills are held into the Basic Binder with slim metal rods placed into the center of the magazine, then snapped into a clasp on the inside spine of the binder. The Basic Binder is designed to hold contemporary-sized Playbills, 5 and 3/8 inches by 8 and 1/2 inches. Larger Playbills from past eras will not fit into the binder perfectly; however, many customers still use the Basic Binder for older Playbill collections. The Basic Binder holds up to 16 issues of Playbill magazine. The Basic Playbill Binder is covered in vinyl and is available in black.

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